Speed & Torque Controller for Superior Micromotor Performance

16 February 2024

maxon’s ESCON2 is a sophisticated speed/torque controller for use in conjunction with micromotors.

Applicable to both brushed DC and brush-less DC (BLDC) motors up to 1,800W continuous duty and 30A continuous current, it supports high precision control. Field-oriented control (FOC) algorithms are used for optimal operation and smoother performance, with a maximum efficiency of 98.5 % being attained. A 4-quadrant arrangement enables full control over forward and reverse motor directions, as well as braking. Absolute encoders, incremental encoders and Hall sensors can be incorporated when required. The ESCON2 can function as a standalone controller with analogue and digital signal command capabilities. It may also operate as a slave within a CANopen network (with 1Mbit/s data rates being handled). USB and serial (RS232) communication options can also be specified. 2 versions are available, with respective dimensions of 67mm x 43mm x 7.8mm and 93.5mm x 46mm x 41mm - the larger of these having a built-in motor choke.  

“The new ESCON2 builds on the capabilities of the original ESCON, delivering even greater functionality over speed and torque control,” states maxon Technical Engineer, Amir Janjua. “The cutting-edge features and enhanced functionality set a new standard in precision and efficiency. ESCON2 has been developed in response to user feedback, and these advances position ESCON2 as the next evolution in motor control technology.”

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