High-Density DC/DC Converter Board

16 February 2024

EPC’s EPC9195 has just been introduced to the market. This single-output synchronous buck converter reference design showcases the company’s gallium-nitride (GaN) power conversion technology.

It features an array of 100V-rated 6th generation EPC2619 GaN FETs - which have a typical on-resistance of (RDSon) of 3.3mOhm and each only take up 1.5mm x 2.5mm of PCB real estate. Alongside these there is an LTC7891 100V synchronous GaN buck controller from Analog Devices. Supporting switching frequencies reaching 750Hz, the hardware converts a 36V to 48V input voltage into a regulated 13.5V output. Efficiency levels of 96.4% can be achieved, with opportunities for it to be used in charging equipment relating to industrial, computing and consumer scenarios. 

“GaN FETs are required to achieve the maximum power density for DC-DC converters. We are delighted to work with ADI to combine the benefits of their advanced controllers with the performance of GaN to provide customers with the highest power density and low component count solution that increases efficiency, increases power density and reduces system cost,” states Alex Lidow, EPC’s CEO and founder. 

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