New Semiconductor Entity Established to Tackle the SWaP Demands of Defence/Aerospace Applications

12 February 2024

Emerging from Triad Semiconductor, Inc., Triad Micro Devices (TMD) has just been formed. This will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the mother company which will focus specifically on the creation of analogue/mixed-signal microelectronics for the avionics and military sectors.

Its solutions will be optimised to address the size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints that systems intended for use in these sectors need to adhere to. They will cover everything from data converters to amplifiers, charge pumps, LED drivers and high precision references. The flagship solution that TMD will be marketing its series of radiation-hardened ViArrays. MIL-PRF-38535 compliant, these will provide engineers with the configurable analogue/mixed-signal building blocks needed to rapidly implement complex but streamlined system designs.  

"Having participated in the aerospace and defence industry for numerous years, Triad takes the next strategic leap by establishing TMD as a dedicated centre of excellence for high-performance, high-reliability integrated circuit development," Jim Kemerling, TMD’s CTO, explains. "This deliberate move ensures our continued ability to meet the intricate demands of this sector."

"TMD arises from a distinguished heritage, stemming from Triad's rich R&D legacy in the aerospace and defence sectors," adds Triad’s CEO, Lynn Hayden. "Our distinctive analogue and mixed-signal ViArray technology, coupled with a seasoned A&D customer-centric design, sales and support team, positions us to not only build upon that legacy, but also to extend our footprint. i

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