Graphics Library Enhanced by Window Cache

07 February 2024

SEGGER has added window cache functionality to its emWin embedded graphics library. Consequently, a 4x boost in performance is possible.

The use of emWin has already proven of real value to engineers in the construction of graphical user interfaces (GUIs). It is applicable to a wide variety of different processors and display controllers. By now having a window cache function too, a whole new dimension is brought to this solution. The content of each window is automatically cached into spare memory. In situations where a window (or part of a window) has to be redrawn, the relevant content can be taken from the cache - meaning that re-rendering is not called for and significant time can be saved. Configuration and usage is straightforward, with only a single line of code being needed to enable use on all windows.

"Running a graphics library in an embedded system occupies a significant amount of computing time. Most of the time is used for rendering," Dirk Akemann, SEGGER’s Marketing Manager. "Being able to minimise rendering efforts speeds up an application significantly. emWin's window cache does exactly that, and we can see a 4x increase in performance."

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