Offline Flyback Switcher Benefits from ZVS Topology

04 February 2024

Making use of a zero-voltage switching (ZVS) flyback topology with a next generation secondary-side control arrangement, the InnoSwitch 5-Pro switcher ICs from Power Integrations are aimed at portable consumer products.

They are capable of delivering 95% efficiency. Either a 750V or 900V PowiGaN primary switch is accommodated (depending on the model chosen). Alongside that there is a primary-side controller, a secondary controller with an I2C interface and FluxLink isolated feedback in each device. The switcher ICs feature lossless input line voltage sensing on the secondary side for adaptive discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) or continuous conduction mode (CCM). As well as augmenting efficiency, this also helps to streamline power system designs.  

According to Adnaan Lokhandwala, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Power Integrations; "The combination of ZVS and GaN is power supply magic. Switching losses vanish, and we can leverage the low conduction losses of GaN to implement super dense adapter layouts with far fewer components than asymmetric half-bridge circuits or active clamp alternatives.”

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