Scope of EMI Shielding Gasket Portfolio Expanded

29 January 2024

2 further versions of the Chomerics SOFT-SHIELD EMI shielding gasket series have just been introduced.

Both are based on use of a multi-planar electrically conductive foam with silver-plated nylon fibres. Firstly, there is the highly cost-effective SOFT-SHIELD 4840, which is intended for grounding purposes in high-volume consumer electronics applications (laptops, TVs, etc.). The material is electrically stable over many closure cycles, experiencing only minimal compression, and it exhibits a through-resistance of <150mOhm. Complementing this is the SOFT-SHIELD 4860, which is optimised for use in high-temperature application environments (up to 125°C). Aimed at use in densely-packed server hardware and telecom infrastructure, this has a through-resistance of <40mOhm. The typical shielding effectiveness of the SOFT-SHIELD 4840 and 4860 gaskets are 60dB and 95dB respectively.

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