AEC-Q100 Qualified Multi-Channel Remote Temperature Sensors

22 January 2024

The MCP998x family of automotive-grade remote temperature sensor devices has just been announced by Microchip Technology. Comprising a total of 10 different models, the family provides expansive scope - so that engineers’ particular functional requirements can be met.

These devices exhibit ±1°C accuracy across a broad operating temperature range (and ±2.5°C accuracy even at 125°C for certain models). Resistance error correction and beta compensation functions are included to accentuate the accuracy levels derived. Up to 5 channels can be encompassed. The shutdown temperature setpoints are designed not to be overwritten by software or maliciously disabled. These sensors can used for thermal management purposes throughout vehicles - going from engine control systems through to advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) implementations, telematics, infotainment and lighting systems. 

“This new family of remote temperature sensors is expanding customer choice in a product category that, historically, has offered limited options,” notes Fanie Duvenhage, Microchip’s VP for Mixed Signal & Linear Products. “With 10 devices to choose from, each offering better accuracy in very high temperature applications and five with shutdown safety features, the MCP998x family gives customers a broad range of automotive multi-channel temperature sensors to choose from.”

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