USB-C PD Stack Makes Cabling Clever

19 January 2024

The emUSB-C PD is an embedded software library from SEGGER that is capable of managing the USB power delivery (PD) protocol. Via its use, active supervision of cable connections can be enabled.

Consequently, embedded system developers can meet the legislative demands set by the EU for all <100W powered electronic devices sold in members states to have USB Type-C charging functionality included. emUSB-C PD means that a cable is transformed into a smart connection, enabling the detection of the type of device connected, determining of cable power capabilities, confirming of USB host/device software, etc. By the cable being in a position to communicate its specific characteristics, optimum power is delivered while remaining comfortably within cable specifications.

“With emUSB-C PD comes the ability to ‘ask the cable’ for information,” states Dirk Akemann, SEGGER’s Marketing Manager. “Questions like - Which way does the current flow?, How much power can the cable handle?, What is the state of charge of the battery? - can now be answered by the cable or the device at the far end. emUSB-C PD can be used with emUSB-Host and/or emUSB-Device or even with no USB stack at all. Maximum flexibility using one connection for everything.”

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