MOSFET Relays for Industrial Deployment

17 January 2024

Further empowering its MOSFET relay portfolio, Omron has just introduced the G3VM-63BR and G3VM-63ER devices.

Providing markedly more effective and less bulky alternatives to conventional electro-mechanical relays, with greater power efficiency too, these 60V-rated components are capable of dealing with 0.7A continuous load current levels. Highly responsive, their turn-on and turn-off times are 2ms and 3ms respectively, and their maximum trigger LED forward current is 2mA. They are supplied in 6-pin DIP packages. An operational temperature range from -40°C to 110°C is supported. There are a wide variety of places in industrial automation where they will be of value - such as programmable logic controller (PLCs), inverters, robot controllers, temperature control mechanisms, alarm systems, etc.

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