TMR Sensor Devices Exhibit Accentuated Stray Field Immunity

15 January 2024

With the ability to deliver high accuracy length measurements (down to <10µm), even in uncompromising application settings, Infineon’s XENSIV TLI5590-A6W magnetic position sensors rely on linearized tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) technology.

These devices offer a highly effective alternative to optical encoders and resolvers  - not requiring a direct line of sight and being unaffected by exposure to dust or liquid contaminants. Likewise, when compared to a Hall-based sensing approach, they offer superior linearity and signal integrity, as well as lowered hysteresis effects. Their minimal power consumption is another major benefit. The TMR sensors are JESD47K compliant. They are supplied in 6-ball wafer level packages that take up very little board real estate. 

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