Position/Orientation Sensor Module with CAN-FD Interfacing

15 January 2024

The PCAN-GPS FD sensor module from PEAK-System Technik is able to accurately determine position, orientation and acceleration.

It features a u-blox MAX-M10S receiver for accessing GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and GLONASS satellite signals. This allows positioning to within a 1.5m margin to be derived. 3-axis magnetic field sensing, accelerometer and gyroscope technology from STMicroelectronics takes care of the orientation and acceleration aspects. Processing work is conducted by the built-in NXP Arm Cortex M4 microcontroller unit (MCU). Data can be transferred via the CAN-FD interface incorporated into this module. A development package for C and C++, which includes numerous programming examples, is also offered.  

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