Farnell-Conducted Survey Looks at What Must Done to Overcome Renewable Energy Challenges

11 January 2024

The results of a survey carried out by distribution firm Farnell highlights that progress is being made with the adoption of renewable energy.

It found, however, that despite the public appreciating the need to move away from fossil fuels - relying instead on solar, wind and other options that have less impact on the environment - questions remain as to how this will actually be achieved. The survey looked at the prominent barriers in the way of renewable energy uptake. 23% of participants stated that they felt ongoing influence of fossil fuel companies was the biggest barrier to this objective. A current lack of effective energy storage technology was cited by 18%, followed infrastructural deployment expense at 17%. 13% noted that the intermittent nature of solar and wind power was also problematic. 11% voiced the opinion that government policy and the associated underinvestment being made was holding things back.

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