SMD Test Points

10 January 2024

Available via Anglia, in 0603, 0805, 1206 low profile (1.25mm) and 1206 standard profile (2.0mm) sizes, the KOA RC series of test points facilitate the measurement of signals and voltages at various points on PCBs.

Such measurements can be taken during the production/assembly process or once equipment has been deployed in the field (for maintenance checks, etc.). These SMD components are compatible with reflow and wave solder procedures. They have durable stainless steel contact surfaces, which mitigate the effects of mechanical wear-and-tear when measurement work needs to be repeated many times. Resistance values that are below 50mOhm are exhibited and 2A current ratings supported. Among their uses will be in relation to instrumentation, utility metering equipment, automotive systems, industrial hardware, communication infrastructure, etc. 

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