DEA Development Platform Aids IoT Prototyping Work

03 January 2024

The BSCiDEA development kit for dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs) from BSC Computer will be seen for the first time at CES (9th to 12th January, Las Vegas).

Through this platform, with its real-time movement display, the mechatronic capabilities of DEA stack actuators can be analysed and prototyping efforts facilitated. DEAs are able to convert electrical energy into linear motion and have clear value in an IoT actuator context (since they draw much less power than electric motors, as well as being able to deal with much more challenging operating conditions). On top of linear actuator functionality (supplied by Daetwyler), the BSCiDEA development kit also provides a Wi-Fi enabled electronic control unit equipped with a web interface and IoT connectivity. A battery-free wireless switch (from EnOcean) that relies on energy harvesting technology is also included. 

As Jörg Hofmann, Managing Partner of BSC Computer, notes; "With our BSCiDEA development kit, we are bringing dielectric elastomers into real-world IoT projects. We are excited about the possibilities of battery-free IoT systems and are expanding the ecosystem with maintenance-free actuator technology. With Daetwyler as manufacturer of stack actuators in unique patented stacking design and Momentive as supplier of innovative silicone elastomer materials, we are well- equipped to support product manufacturers in implementing their innovations with sustainable motion."

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