SEGGER & GigaDevice Work Together on Accelerating RISC-V Adoption

22 December 2023

Thanks to an ongoing technology cooperation between the 2 companies, the use of SEGGER's Embedded Studio multi-platform integrated development environment (IDE) will forthwith be free of charge to GigaDevice customers across its entire portfolio of RISC-V microcontroller units (MCUs).

This will give them access to comprehensive embedded C and C++ development support - comprising a complete toolchain, optimised run-time library, core simulator, hardware debugging, etc. Support will cover GigaDevice’s newly-released GD32VW553 160MHz performance dual-band wireless-enabled MCU series.

“GigaDevice and SEGGER have a long history of cooperation,” notes Eric Jin, Product Marketing Director at GigaDevice. “SEGGER was the first ecosystem partner to support the GD32V RISC-V core MCU. Making SEGGER Embedded Studio available to our customers free of charge facilitates software development for our GD32V series. Embedded Studio fully supports and adapts to the GD32V family of RISC-V MCUs in terms of efficiency, performance, and ease of use, significantly accelerating the development and mass production of innovative applications.”

“We have been partners with GigaDevice and have supported GigaDevice products for many years now,“ adds Ivo Geilenbruegge, SEGGER’s Managing Director. “We immediately added full tool support when they unveiled the first commercially available flash-based RISC-V microcontroller back in 2019. We are impressed by their speed of innovation, the many new devices they have brought to market, and the extent to which they’ve quickly become a key player in the industry.” 

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