Micropwer 3D Magnetometer in Compact Form Factor

21 December 2023

Intended for gaming joysticks and industrial human machine interfaces (HMIs), the MLX90394 Triaxis from Melexis is a high-accuracy magnetic sensor capable of measurement across 3 different axes.

It can be supplied with measurement ranges reaching either ±5mT or ±50mT. Low noise operation (<9µT) is exhibited, while also drawing only minimal current (3µA for the X or Y axes measurements and 4.3µA for Z axis measurement). The small physical dimensions (2mm x 1.5mm x 0.4mm) mean that this device can be incorporated into space-constrained system implementations. Its on-the-fly selectable modes and advanced configurability accelerate time-to-market and maximise design reuse (will less engineering resources needing to be allocated to projects). Having a non-contact sensing approach avoids mechanical wear-and-tear, resulting in long-term reliable operation. The integrated thermometer allows selectable temperature measurement for additional digital signal processing (DSP) compensation. The wake-up on change function means that the device can keep down its power budget yet quickly return to full operation. 

“The MLX90394 brings unprecedented value and performance, meeting the demands of a wide range of modern applications. Whether engineers are developing computer peripherals, industrial cylinders or controls for smart appliances, this optimized and flexible chip will bring customers long-term performance not possible with existing potentiometers, mechanical switches and sliders,” commented Minko Daskalov, Product Manager at Melexis. “Its compact packaging and efficiency will increase design freedom and simplify integration within existing products, as well as allowing for new novel solutions.”

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