Wide FoV IR Sensing Array

19 December 2023

A new device has just been added to Panasonic Industry’s family of Grid-EYE thermopile-based infrared (IR) sensor arrays. With a 64-pixel resolution, this latest version has a 90° lens, which results in a significantly wider field-of-view (FoV) than with the previous 36° and 60° FoV versions.

The upshot of this is that fewer sensors are required to cover a given area, and component costs are curbed. Key applications for this device will be in building automation - for people counting/tracking, plus occupancy detection purposes and hotspot identification. 

According to Osamu Mitsumura, Product Manager at Panasonic Industry Europe: “Knowing where people are is the key to design a smart space. Today, industries want to understand and optimise how their buildings are being used, especially the businesses in retail, hospitality and healthcare. Similarly, the lighting industry is increasingly moving towards providing personalised ambient spaces. The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of management of highly frequented or confined spaces - like offices or public washroom facilities. The holy grail of people-tracking/counting solutions has always been scalability and cost-effectiveness. Grid-EYE 90° delivers both.”

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