Advanced Streaming Trace Probe Provides Multi-Platform Debug Support

15 December 2023

Billed as SEGGER’s new flagship debug solution, the J-Trace PRO is capable of carrying out detailed examination of any processing core or architecture (including (RISC-V, Arm Cortex, etc.).

At its foundation, it has all the J-Link series functionality that embedded engineers are familiar with, plus the analysing, verifying and code-profiling features that are associated with the the J-Trace series too. The extensive profiling and code coverage it can deliver means that the recording of infrequent and hard-to-reproduce bug issues is made possible. It can handle download speeds reaching 4MB/s, and features Ethernet and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interfacing. As standard, this probe ships with every feature enabled, including unlimited flash breakpoints, live code profiling and real-time analysis with the Ozone debugger and performance analyser.

“Developers have an ever-expanding selection of devices and architectures to choose from for new product designs. We combined all the features of the J-Trace probes into this single top-of-the-line product to get everyone covered for today's and tomorrow's projects,” Ivo Geilenbruegge, SEGGER’s Managing Director notes. “With all features of J-Link and J-Trace - this single compact, fan-less unit now does it all. Whatever the challenge, J-Trace PRO has it covered.”

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