Shunt-Based Current Sensing Solution

11 December 2023

To complement its Hall-based current sensor technology, Melexis now offers an AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified shunt-based device. Using the MLX91231, current, voltage and temperature (IVT) figures can be determined, with high degrees of accuracy being attained.

This means that precision measurement may be conducted in low-voltage automotive systems, like DC/DC converters, battery terminal sensors, etc. Greater performance optimisation and operational reliability can thereby result. Its sophistication comes from the built-in microcontroller element, via which automatic gain control enables heightened dynamic range, plus there are compensation functions too. The device exhibits a sensitivity drift error over temperature (from -40°C through to 125°C) and lifetime of less than ±0.25%. A sensing differential voltage range going from -100mV to 256mV is covered. System-level ASIL D functional safety is supported by the device. A rapidly responding over-current detection mechanism is also incorporated. 
“The new MLX91231 shunt current sensor complements our Hall-effect-based portfolio. By offering multiple sensor technologies, we clearly articulate our commitment to all DC current & power sensing applications,” notes Bruno Boury, Melexis Current Sensor Product Line Manager. “With the safety systems baked into the product, we simplify engineers’ life with regards to safety compliance.”

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