MEMS-Based Thermal Conductivity Sensing Devices

11 December 2023

An advanced sensor solution, for detecting A2L refrigerant leaks in residential and commercial air conditioning implementations, heat pumps and refrigeration equipment, has just been released by Posifa.

The PGS6000 device makes use of micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology - comprising a relative humidity sensor plus a barometric pressure sensor for compensation purposes. It has a <250ms responsiveness. The proprietary heat transfer cavities used allow elevated sensitivity levels to be attained. Measurement repeatability is assured by mitigating potential for natural convection to take place within the cavity. Measurement data is transmitted via RS485 MODBUS RTU interfacing.

"Despite being environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, A2L refrigerants are mildly flammable, making them a potential risk if not managed effectively in HVAC/R systems," states Posifa‚Äôs CEO, Peng Tu. "Early detection of leaks not only prevents the escalation of potential fire hazards, but also protects against possible health risks and saves valuable energy by ensuring efficient operation. With their fast response time, high reliability, and high detection precision, our PGS6000 series sensors are critical components in these systems." 

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