High-Performance Ultra-Reliable Thermal Gels

05 December 2023

Chomerics’ new THERM-A-GAP GEL 35VT and THERM-A-GAP GEL 50VT provide highly effective means via which the dissipation of heat can be carried out.

Applied to heatsinks or electronic equipment enclosures, to fill up the unwanted gaps caused by assembly/manufacturing tolerances, these fully cured dispensable thermal gels maintain elevated levels of performance and reliability even in challenging operating conditions (such as when exposed to continued mechanical vibrations). This makes them highly suited to use in mission-critical application contexts. The gels also offer the additional benefit of displacing air at thin bond lines, thus minimising thermal impedance. The typical thermal conductivity figures are 3.5W/m-K for the GEL 35VT option and 5.2W/m-K for the GEL 50VT option. The temperature ranges supported are -40°C to +150°C for the GEL 35VT and -55°C to +200°C for the GEL 50VT. They can be dispensed at various bond line thicknesses (typically up to 4mm).

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