GaN Devices Bring About 50% AC/DC Power Adapter Shrinkage

01 December 2023

Texas Instruments’ LMG3622, LMG3624 and LMG3626 are next generation gallium nitride (GaN) FETs with integrated gate drivers.

These 650V-rated devices are able to deliver heightened levels of power conversion efficiency and accelerated switching speeds. They exhibit very low on resistance (RDSon) figures of 120mOhm, 170mOhm and 270mOhm respectively. 95% system efficiency is attainable in >75W AC/DC applications, alongside enhanced thermal performance. The upshot of all this is that AC/DC power adapter implementations can be made significantly smaller (effectively halving their form factors).

“Today’s consumers want smaller, lighter and more portable power adapters that also provide fast, energy-efficient charging,” states Kannan Soundarapandian, Texas Instruments’ General Manager of High Voltage Power. “With the expansion of our portfolio, designers can bring the power-density benefits of low-power GaN technology to more applications that consumers use every day, such as mobile phone and laptop adapters, TV power-supply units and USB wall outlets.”

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