Pioneering UWB ICs Set to Shake Up Vehicle Accessibility & In-Cabin Monitoring

30 November 2023

The automotive-grade NXP Trimension NCJ29D6A and NCJ29D6B are game-changing single-chip ultra-wideband (UWB) devices that are closely aligned with vehicle manufacturers’ demands for a convenient, high-precision and fully secure method for providing car access. Both support streamlined and cost-effective implementation.

The NCJ29D6B delivers superior ranging performance, while keeping the associated bill-of-materials costs down. Accentuated RF sensitivity along with 2 simultaneous operating receiver chains allow accommodation of broader antenna diversity and offer provision for use cases where angle of arrival (AoA) will be of value (so that how someone approaches the  car can be taken into account, and the most appropriate actions are taken).

Via incorporation of short-range radar technology alongside its UWB functionality, the NCJ29D6A has the necessary scope to address more sophisticated forms of usage - such intrusion alert, gesture recognition (like kick sensing to open the boot), plus in-cabin sensing capabilities (such as child presence detection, so that the doors will not lock if a child is left alone in the car). It will present automotive engineers with a versatile multi-purpose platform upon which further functions can be explored at a later stage - in keeping with the adoption of software-defined vehicle (SDV) technology. As the UWB devices are pin compatible with one another, there is a clear upgrade path for vehicle manufacturers.  

“UWB will drive new advancements in the consumer automotive experience, and this is only the beginning of what it will enable,” states Markus Staeblein, SVP for Secure Car Access at NXP. “Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s will benefit from a single system that can deliver multiple new software-defined experiences enabled by Trimension NCJ29D6 UWB ICs over time. Building on our expertise and standardisation efforts in bodies such as the Car Connectivity Consortium and the FiRa Consortium, we are helping UWB become an essential part of the automotive ecosystem.”

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