Automotive Class Low-Latency Power-Efficient Vision Processing Solution

29 November 2023

The iND87540 from indie Semiconductor is a sophisticated system-on-chip (SoC) for next generation real-time vehicle image processing.

This SoC incorporates on-chip image signal processing (ISP) plus digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities while fitting into a compact form factor. Numerous algorithms, relating to pedestrian detection, occupant monitoring and blind spot detection, can be run on it. It also draws only minimal power. ISO 26262 ASIL-B functional requirements are adhered to. 

“As OEMs strive to deploy vision-based viewing and sensing across their model ranges, distributed intelligence is emerging as a critical enabler for the proliferation of vision-based ADAS applications. Our launch of indie’s iND87540 is capitalising on this industry dynamic - delivering high-performance vision processing, without sacrificing the power, cost and size demands of the volume market,” notes Abhay Rai, EVP of indie’s Vision Business Unit. “By incorporating real-time video processing with object detection into a single SoC, indie is paving the way for multiple vision-enabled safety and convenience use cases across OEMs’ vehicle classes.” 

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