Key-Coded Fibre Optic Interconnects Simplify Installation

29 November 2023

Aimed at use in industrial data communications and instrumentation systems, the key-coded SMA fibre optic connector components just released by OMC utilise a ‘clockface’ arrangement of multiple keyways. This safeguards against incorrect mating occurring in complex cabling scenarios.

Up to 50 different orientations are accommodated as standard - giving plenty of scope for distinguishing between different cables. In a multi-channel deployment, the usual approach for connecting each fibre optic cable to the assigned transmitter or receiver on the PCB is to tag each cable with an ident sleeve and match them up based on an installation plan. However, this method is far from fool-proof and mistakes can regularly be made. Furthermore, it is very time-consuming and inefficient. Each variation of OMC’s new family of key-coded SMA housings and connectors features 2 keyways - a master keyway at the 12 o’clock position to fix the orientation, plus a 2nd keyway which can be oriented in another position around the clock to fix the channel number. Via this key-coded arrangement, the connection of a fibre optic cable to the wrong transmitter or receiver will be prevented.  

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