Secure Programming Platform Now Features Heightened IP Protection

26 November 2023

Expanding the capabilities of its Flasher Secure off-site programmer platform, SEGGER has now announced the Target Encrypted Link Package (TELP) for enhanced end-to-end intellectual property (IP) protection when working with 3rd party production partners.

It secures the link between the programmer and the target hardware, with the upshot that captured signal traces cannot be used to clone devices (via replaying the programming sequence). Each device is programmed using mutually-agreed, unique session keys for the encrypted link. The captured trace is made useless without those keys. IP owners have complete control of the programming procedure. The contract manufacturer never has access to the cleartext of a firmware image, so unauthorised production is prevented. The Flasher Secure/TELP solution offers complete transparency for IP owners - so they can track the programming yield, device-specific data, programmer details, etc. Leveraging cryptographic algorithms, cryptographically secure random number generators, plus reliable key exchange algorithms, the entire workflow is secured, all the way from firmware sign-off through to final production.

"Flasher Secure and TELP are redefining the standards of secure programming,” states Ivo Geilenbruegge, SEGGER’s Managing Director. “Together they allow innovators to confidently bring their ideas to market, secure in the knowledge that their IP is protected all the way to the silicon.”

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