Colour Coded CO2 Monitoring Unit

21 November 2023

The QE Wuerfeli is a compact highly effective, pyramid-shaped air quality monitor, based on Sensirion’s SCD40 50ppm accuracy photoacoustic CO2 sensing technology and working in conjunction with the SHT40 relative humidity sensor.

This unit will be of unquestionable value in a building automation context - ensuring the ongoing cognitive performance of employees within workplaces and extending the attention span of pupils in school classrooms. In addition, it can be used to combat the spread of airborne viruses. 

The monitor utilises 4 colours to provide a simple to follow visual indication of when to open/close windows and doors. Blue signifies that the air quality internally is on a par with external conditions, green denotes good room air quality, orange means that ventilation should be applied, while red underlines that air exchange is definitely needed. It has already been used to conduct lengthy air quality studies in 100 schools throughout Switzerland.   

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Sensirion for such a meaningful cause. The SCD40 and the SHT40 are a perfect fit for Wuerfeli. High accuracy, unmatched price, and smallest form factors have allowed us to create a compact and affordable CO2 monitor for everyone and everywhere”, states Laurin Schwitter, co-founder of QE. 

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