Debug Probes Applicable to Visual Studio Code

20 November 2023

All members of the J-Link debug probe family from SEGGER now offer support for the debugging of embedded systems based on the increasingly popular Visual Studio Code open-source software development platform.

This means that engineers working on projects via Visual Studio Code will be able to benefit from the many functions that J-Link technology possesses - including I/O via RTT or SWO, live watches, RTOS awareness, etc. As a result, debugging processes will be made significantly more efficient and conducted within a shorter timeframe.

"The official support for J-Link and VS Code is a commitment to the embedded software community," states SEGGER’s Marketing Manager, Dirk Akemann. "SEGGER ensured the smooth and ablest integration and provides examples, instructions, and official documentation. It is safe to say that J-Link is the one debug probe for all VS Code users."

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