Comprehensive PCB Fault Location Solution

20 November 2023

Polar Instruments’ GRS200 fault locator utilises an analogue signature analysis technique. Through the application of a current limited sinewave voltage, this compares the nodal impedance between an unpowered known good PCB and a faulty board.

Its use means that a multitude of electronics hardware production faults can be identified, as well as the presence of defective (or even counterfeit) components. The short circuit locator feature allows short circuit issues to be accurately pinpointed. Via the CAD viewer function, it is possible for 20 different CAD data formats to be imported, so that net information can be graphically rendered. As well as the power-off nodal impedance test and short circuit locating, this unit has provision for the of integrating an external multimeter - so that addition measurement capabilities (in relations to voltage, resistance, frequency, temperature, etc.) can be included in test workflows. 

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