Fully-Scalable High-Performance GPU IP Proves Versatile Enough to Adress Numerous Gaming Use Cases

17 November 2023

Making gaming experiences more compelling, the IMG DXD from Imagination Technologies is an elevated performance multi-core GPU IP with support for DirectX.

Rendering top quality 3D graphics, while enabling power budget to be conserved, it has the API coverage needed to run PC games, as well as various other Windows-based applications, cloud-based gaming and mobile apps. Each individual core can operate independently as a separate GPU if needed. Furthermore, through the HyperLane virtualisation technology incorporated,  it is possible for each core to host up to 8 individual gamers. This IP attains 2.25x the per-core graphics performance of the company's previous generation IMG BXT offering. When in dual-core configuration it delivers 5TFLOPS FP32 and 144GTexel/s.

“This is a significant milestone in Imagination’s desktop journey,” states Imagination Technologies’ CEO, Simon Beresford-Wylie. “Hardware-based support for DirectX is an essential element of a desktop GPU and, for us, IMG DXD with Feature Level 11_0 is just the start; we are continuing to invest in our API coverage and feature set so that our customers have the GPU IP they need to compete successfully in the desktop market.”

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