Open-Source Python-Native Driver Facilitates Automation & Accelerates Test Throughput

15 November 2023

In order to support greater test automation, a free, open-source Python instrument driver package has just been introduced by Tektronix.

Through the tm_devices driver, a native Python user experience is enabled - so that test engineers are able to work via an integrated development environment (IDE) that they are likely to already be fully familiar with. They will thus benefit from auto-complete, type hinting, extensive built-in help, real-time syntax checking and the advanced debugging functions that are synonymous with the Python platform. The driver package is applicable across a broad array of Tektronix and Keithley instrumentation models. Issues like instrument-specific command sets and other potential forms of complication are avoided.

“Python is the largest and fastest growing language of choice among test automation engineers, and we aim to make them more productive and efficient with Pythonic development tools and code reuse,” Rick Kuhlman, General Manager for Portfolio Software at Tektronix. “Our product's free, open-source nature is meant to encourage collaboration and customisation. Users have the freedom to tailor the software to their specific needs, share improvements with our community and benefit from the collective knowledge and contributions of a global network of developers.” 

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