High Accuracy O2 Measurement Module Announced at Productronica

13 November 2023

At Productronica tomorrow, Solderstar will debut its Reflow Shuttle O2 measurement module (go to Hall A4 Stand 246/4 to find out all about it). Using this innovative new unit, major improvements in reflow soldering control precision will be made possible.

Accurate O2 measurement is imperative during the reflow process, as otherwise the quality of the solder joints can be impacted upon - with the formation of oxide deposits weakening joints. The presence of O2 can also lead to solder de-wetting, meaning that the bond with the PCB will be poor. By measuring O2 levels via the Reflow Shuttle O2 and maintaining them below an acceptable threshold, manufacturers can make certain that strong and reliable solder joints are created. This solution provides zone-by-zone analysis of oxygen levels throughout the reflow process, with oxygen content measurements in parts per million (PPM) being derived.

As Mark Stansfield, Solderstar’s Managing Director states; “The primary objective of the Reflow Shuttle O2 is to equip manufacturers with real-time insights into their reflow soldering processes. This enables informed decision-making and operational optimisation to ensure the highest product quality. Reflow soldering demands precision at every step. This is the first repeatable verification tool that combines O2 ppm, vibration levels in 3 axis, vacuum, temperature profiles, and conveyor speed on a single robust platform. This provides manufacturers with a comprehensive insight into their reflow soldering process to elevate quality and efficiency.” 

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