CEA-Leti’s IEDM Papers Underline Breadth of its Research Work

12 November 2023

Celebrated engineering research institute CEA-Leti has 9 of its staff presenting papers at IEDM 2023. This IEEE event (which takes place on the 9th to 13th December in San Francisco), is one of the foremost with regard to pioneering semiconductor and electronics development, as well as advanced nanotechnology.

Among the papers being presented by CEA-Leti will be ones on: 
 - 3D sequential integration of CMOS over CMOS. 
 - Creation of a CMOS compatible 200mm SiN/AlN/GaN MIS-HEMTs. 
 - RF-SOI drain extended MOS transistor development. 
 - RF performance enhancements in 28nm FD-SOI transistors down to cryogenic temperature levels. 
 - Developments in GaN RF technology. 
 - The use of hybrid FeRAM/RRAM synaptic circuitry for on-chip AI inferencing. 
 - Tunnel and capacitive coupling optimisation in the FDSOI spin-Qubit devices for quantum computing implementation. 

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