Application Focused FPGA/SoC Solution Stacks Satisfy Demands of Key Vertical Markets

03 November 2023

The need to disaggregate intelligence, so that not everything is placed in the cloud, is greater than ever - with a multitude of applications calling for constraint-optimised and sufficiently secure processing/computational resources to be situated at the edge of the network.

In response, Microchip has brought out 9 new technology and application specific solution stacks to bolster support for its expansive portfolio of PolarFire mid-range FPGA and system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. These stacks cover industrial edge, smart embedded vision (H.264, HDMI, CoaXpress, etc.), motor control and edge communications activities (such as software-defined radio and 5G Open RAN). They include highly effective intellectual property (IP), comprehensive reference designs, development kits (with implementation examples), application notes, etc. 

“We’re making it much easier to create industry-leading industrial and communications designs,” states Shakeel Peera, VP of Strategy at Microchip’s FPGA business unit. “Our intelligent edge focus is getting significant traction with leading system designers because they get the full benefit of PolarFire FPGA’s unequalled power efficiency, security and reliability.”
“We use PolarFire FPGAs because of their small footprint and energy efficiency,” adds Michael Yampolsky, CEO of KAYA Instruments (a producer of industrial-grade imaging equipment). “They enable our cameras to fit into tight spaces while getting high quality, low noise, excellent dynamic range and large feature set utilising the latest CMOS sensor technology. Using PolarFire FPGAs on our platform allows us to bring our latest vision technology to market quickly for our customers’ needs.”

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