Microwave Absorber Material Optimised for Tackling RFI in an ADAS Context

02 November 2023

The CHO-MUTE 9009 microwave absorber material from the Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin consists of a silicone elastomer matrix with a carbon filler.

It presents engineers with industry-leading high-frequency RF absorption properties, with a bulk volume resistivity greater than 1MOhm-cm and a 1.05 magnetic permeability. Among other places, this will be invaluable in protecting vehicles’ ADAS implementations, thanks to its 50dB/cm absorption capabilities at the 77GHz frequency commonly used here. Other opportunities for it include military/commercial radar, telecommunications equipment and general RF testing. CHO-MUTE 9009 is available as sheet stock in a selection of standard thicknesses with or without electrically conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). Various fabricating techniques are also offered for custom part manufacturing - such as moulded profiles or die-cut/waterjet-cut (no abrasive) shapes. 

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