CEA-Leti Embarks on Major V2X Project

19 October 2023

Drawing on the prior experience its team has gained through involvement in various EU Horizon funded research ventures, CEA-Leti has now announced a new initiative relating to the progression of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication.

The main goal of this work will be to look into how connected and cooperative vehicular systems can safeguard potentially vulnerable road users (such as pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) by accelerating the response times involved. It will call for the evaluation of different communication protocol options, as well as the simulation of numerous infrastructure arrangements (including roadside units, 5G base stations, etc.). These activities will also have benefits with regard to the operation of autonomous robots (such as AGVs and AMRs).  
“The ultimate goal of our ongoing work is to help our partners in the automotive and related industries understand and adopt the benefits of V2X cooperative communications for improved safety, efficiency and automation performance,” explains CEA-Leti Project Lead Benoît Denis.

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