Debug Probe with PoE Functionality

16 October 2023

Enabling large-scale test farm implementations, where multiple devices can be tested simultaneously, the J-Link PRO PoE is the latest addition to SEGGER’s J-Link debug probe family. Its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connectivity capability is a major differentiator, with power being supplied to the target either by the debug interface or a USB-A interconnect.

Providing current through the Ethernet interface means that powering devices straightforward to control (with them being switched on/off remotely by utilising J-Link software). Any devices not in use can be turned off. Thanks to the J-Link Remote Server software, users can access devices from any location. This can also be done via remote access to the LAN, typically through a secure VPN tunnel.

“We engineered the J-Link PRO PoE especially for test farms running many target boards in parallel,” states SEGGER founder, Rolf Segger. “These test farms can access the same hardware in different configurations or a variety of completely different boards and with a variety of toolchains. The Power-over-Ethernet feature replaces the power switch and the farm adapter, minimizes the wiring requirement, and produces a very clean overall look. Testing new software is very easy with a well-designed test farm.”

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