Power Conserving Imaging Solution Has Significant Potential for Improving Living & Working Spaces

11 October 2023

Optimised for power-constrained, edge-based deployment scenarios, the Hyperlux LP family of image sensors have just been introduced by onsemi. These devices rely on 1.4µm sized pixels and are available in resolutions going up to 20Mpixels. Elevated signal-to-noise ratio figures are exhibited.

Pivotal to their appeal is the ability to attain superior imaging quality while drawing only minimal power. Thanks to the stacked arrangement employed, board space utilisation is minimised. Other key aspects include the wake on motion functionality, which means the imager remains dormant until detected activity triggers it into operation (thereby enabling battery reserves to be retained) and the smart ROI, via which only the relevant area of a scene will be captured and others areas are masked out (so that bandwidth is not wasted unnecessarily). Key applications include home automation hardware (such as smart doorbells, security cameras, etc.), wearables (like XR headsets and bodycams), biometric identification, office videoconferencing equipment, plus robotic sorting and industrial machine vision systems.
“By leveraging our superior analogue design and pixel architecture, our sensors elevate the two most important elements people consider when buying a device, picture quality and battery life. Our new image sensor family delivers performance that matters with a significantly increased battery life and exquisite, highly detailed images,” Ross Jatou, SVP of the Intelligent Sensing Group at onsemi, comments.

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