Straightforward Configuration of Devices Without Displays

03 October 2023

Connecting a device that does not have a recognisable form of human machine interface (HMI) can be challenging, with increasing uptake of wearable, IoT, industrial automation, smart building and renewable energy technology all increasing the number of situations where this will apply.

To tackle the problem, SEGGER’s emWeb can utilise a USB charging port to attain a PC connection. This allows configuration over an intuitive web browser. The technology is accessible for all USB devices, making them much more straightforward to work with. Any PC can be used to operate the device, thereby dispensing with the need for a display on the device itself. Take the example of a printer. Rather than being reliant on a mini touchscreen, using emWeb via USB enables a printer to be headless. Connecting a printer via USB facilitates configuration of the Wi-Fi, IP address, paper type and print quality, status information, etc. Consequently, the manufacturer no longer has to factor in the cost of display units, or figure out where these should be placed within the design. 

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