Streamlined Multi-Core Processor Devices Address Space & Power-Restricted Scenarios

19 September 2023

Featuring the company’s Zen 4c core technology, the 3GHz clock speed EPYC 8004 series of workload-optimised processors from AMD are energy efficient devices that do not compromise on performance capabilities.

They are predominantly intended for smart edge use cases - with each featuring a relatively hefty DDR5 memory resource, plus 32Mbytes of L3 cache. The SP6 sockets incorporated into these processors result in more straightforward memory and I/O configurations. When carrying out video encoding workloads, the company claims that the EPYC 8534P attains 2.4x higher aggregate frames/hour/system W figures than rival solutions. Likewise, in an IoT edge gateway workload, an 8-core EPYC 8024P powered server can provide around 1.8x better total throughput performance per 8kW rack compared to one using an equivalent device from the competition. These processors can be used in retail, industrial automation, communication infrastructure and cloud service related applications.

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