Cutting-Edge SoM Hardware Boasts Direct Compliance with Latest EU Security Legislation

17 September 2023

Leveraging its proprietary security technology, has successfully been able to provide the Arduino Portenta X8 with the capabilities necessary to make it the first system-on-module (SoM) to satisfy all the requirements of the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act (CRA).

From 2025 onwards, the CRA will make a minimum set of security features obligatory for all IoT devices marketed in EU member states. Under the terms of these legislative measures, OEMs will have to incorporate the functionality necessary to secure each device, its software and connections. OEMs will also need to rapidly identify and fix any exposures to known vulnerabilities in deployed production devices for their full operational lifespan. By working in collaboration with Arduino, has been able to present Portenta X8 SoM users with ready-made system comprising an extensive array of hardware/software security functions, as well as the operational features required for full lifecycle CRA compliance. These include secure boot, key installation and cloud authentication.

According to John Weil, CMO at; “Normally, SoM manufacturers supply their boards with a sample Linux distribution that is not maintained after shipment to the customer, and with none of the security infrastructure such as an SBOM tool and OTA update utility required to maintain device security for life. Thanks to the capabilities of the FoundriesFactory platform implemented by Arduino, the Portenta X8 has become the first SoM to provide a straightforward path to full compliance with the EU’s CRA, right out-of-the-box.” 

“When deploying Linux based edge devices, security cannot be an afterthought. That’s why we designed the Arduino Portenta X8 giving the highest priority to security features, end-to-end. This spans from hardware and firmware to the Linux distribution and device management with FoundriesFactory technology,” adds Arduino CEO Fabio Violante.

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