Contactless Gesture Control Add-On Board

15 September 2023

Always looking to extend its array of Click board solutions, MikroElektronika (MIKROE) has now introduced the IR Gesture 3 Click. This compact add-on board means that contactless gesture recognition is very simple to incorporate into engineers’ system designs.

At the heart of the hardware is an Analog Devices’ ADPD1080 photometric front-end (which has signal chain, data conversion and LED driver elements, plus a timing core that enables ambient light rejection). The LED driver element can deliver 370mA of peak current, while the analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) has 14-bit resolution and the burst accumulator enables up to 20bits a data acquisition per sample period. The front-end is accompanied by a high-power 940nm wavelength LED supplied by ams OSRAM.

MIKROE’s CEO, Nebojsa Matic, notes “With gesture recognition, a user interface can detect hand movements and patterns and translate them into commands. It should consist of three basic functions. The first is the ability to detect a gesture's beginning and end, thus identifying what part of the gesture makes a command. Tracking of the hand movement during the gesture is the second part; the third function is to identify the gesture based on the complete hand movement.”

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