Visible Wavelength & Wide Range Optical Spectrum Analyser Units Added to Yokogawa Portfolio

07 September 2023

Updating its optical spectrum analyser offering, Yokogawa has just announced the introduction of 2 new models.

The AQ6373E visible wavelength (350nm and 1200nm) and AQ6374E wide range (350nm and 1750nm) analyser units replace the AQ6373B and AQ6374 respectively. They have been developed to help address the need to comprehensively test new optical devices (such as LED emitters) in visible and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths - particularly in relation to medical, biological and material processing applications. As with their predecessors, these units support high resolution operation (down to ±0.01nm across the visible spectrum) and close-in dynamic range (60dB as standard), as well as incorporating extra functionality. An APP accelerates customers' R&D and production testing activities - providing a device under test (DUT) specific user interface that facilitates configuration. Both have built-in optical alignment sources too.

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