Automated Software Test Solution Enables Comprehensive Scrutiny of Mobile Apps Across Numerous Platforms

01 September 2023

Eggplant Test 7.0 is the latest version of Keysight’s automated software test solution.

Through its use, quality assurance professionals will be able to carry out the testing of mobile apps on multiple devices and operating systems. Leveraging Sauce Labs' Real Device Cloud, the simultaneous testing of up to 7,500 different device/operating system combinations is supported. This means that need for heavy investment in device lab set-ups can be avoided.

According to Gareth Smith, General Manager for Software Test Automation at Keysight; " By harnessing the power of Sauce Labs' Real Device Cloud, we eradicate the constraints of costly device labs, unleashing instant test execution. Through seamless integrations like Git, Citrix, Active Directory, and continuous integration tools, we pave the way to unparalleled success through true end-to-end testing. With Eggplant Test 7.0, we are shaping a future defined by seamless, comprehensive testing."

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