Outsourced Manufacturing Service: Attending to the Jobs That Others Can't or Don’t Want to Do

24 August 2023

Electronic equipment designers and manufacturers can often face a major dilemma.

Some of the jobs that they must get done will be very complicated for them to attempt in-house, often taking a lot of time to train up the workforce, as well as calling for the implementation of new highly-detailed quality control procedures. Or there may simply not be the human resources needed to conduct such work. On the other hand, these jobs might appear too small for outsourcing to be a viable option. 
Just Electronics looks to bridge this gap, providing customers with a distinct small/medium volume contract manufacturing service and offering quick turnaround times when they are needed. The company has a specialist team of operators that are fully adept at the often challenging by-hand work needed for integrating certain key components into designs, or where processes simply cannot be automated.

This means that, as well as taking care of complete PCB assembly and box-build work (final assembly), they can also be assigned to focus just on specific elements where real expertise is necessary. In addition to initial prototyping activities, production/assembly and test/calibration work, Just Electronics is also experienced in component procurement/purchasing too - so any part of the project (or even everything, from start to finish) may be offloaded. https://www.justelex.com/

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