Backshell Option for High-Power Connectors

09 August 2023

Harwin’s Kona compact high-power connector components are now offered with accompanying backshells.

Constructed using aerospace-grade Aluminium 6061 alloy, these backshells prevent unwanted electromagnetic emissions emanating from the connector/cable assembly and affecting surrounding electronic circuitry. The 2-part arrangement of these backshells presents an easy upgrade route for existing cable assemblies, with full 360° electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding enabled. It is of particular value when EMI issues need to be addressed in the later stages of development projects or in situations where equipment is already deployed in the field and shielding must be retrofitted. Additional strain relief on the braided cable helps eliminate the risk of assembly damage post installation. The backshells can potentially be nickel-plated, in order to provide extra protection against corrosion and oxidization once deployed.

“In situations where power connectors are situated near a DC/DC converter, such as in EV charging infrastructure for instance, the high currents being transported can cause distortion waves that will place stress on the converter,” explains Ryan Smart, Harwin’s VP of Product. “By having an easy-to-assemble backshell shielding option we’ve now added an invaluable extra dimension to our Kona series offering that can address problems of this kind.”

Though they do not take up much board space, the 8.5mm-pitch Kona connectors are capable of supporting a total current of 240A for the 4 contact version. They are already enabling high-reliability power delivery in space, electric vehicle (EV), robotics and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. 

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