Automotive-Grade 10BASE-T1S Ethernet PHY Devices

01 August 2023

Microchip’s LAN8670, LAN8671 and LAN8672 PHYs provide engineers with a streamlined route via which legacy gateway subsystems can link up to the Ethernet-based in-vehicle networking infrastructure now being implemented into car models.

These AEC-Q100-qualified devices are compliant with the 10BASE-T1S SPE standard - with time-sensitive networking (TSN) functionality allowing safety-critical applications to be addressed. 10Mbps half-duplex data speeds and multi-drop operation are supported. A physical layer collision avoidance (PLCA) mechanism means that high bandwidths can be attained without risk of data congestions issues. Troubleshooting can be carried out thanks to the PHY diagnostic capabilities incorporated. Furthermore, sleep/wake functionality permits low-power modes to be benefited from. These devices each come in compact VQFN package formats - with the 32-pin LAN8670 having a 5mm?x?5mm footprint, the 24-pin LAN8671 having a 4mm?x?4?mm footprint and the 36-pin LAN8672 having a 6mm?x?6mm footprint. 

“Microchip continues to prioritize connectivity solutions for the automotive industry with the expansion of its line of 10BASE-T1S products,” explains Matthias Kaestner, Microchip’s VP for Automotive Products. “This new technology will connect the sensors and actuators used in the physical world all the way to the cloud, and it will enable a seamless Ethernet architecture everywhere.” 

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