SEGGER Facilitates Large-Scale Energy-Efficient Test Farm Construction

25 July 2023

SEGGER Microcontroller’s Test Farm Power Adapter leverages the company’s J-Link PRO development and debug platform, in order to make it more straightforward to build energy-efficient test farms on a large scale.

Use of test farms allows a multitude of systems to be available over a network to any number of users - thereby enabling manual or automated testing to be conducted. It is possible to control power, download firmware, run, debug and test software on numerous devices simultaneously. Devices can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the J-Link Remote Server software or through remote access to the LAN (typically using a VPN tunnel). Automated systems can run tests on the same standard setup, which is advantageous from a regression testing perspective, as well as in relation to compiler tests. SEGGER’s energy-efficient J-Link PRO, with built-in Ethernet interface plus test farm adapter, presents engineers with the basis for creating highly-scalable mass test and debug solutions for embedded system implementations. Devices under test (DUTs) can be turned off to save power when no test is running. They can also be power cycled and rebooted, which will prove very useful to testing processes.

“Automated testing is a very important part of quality assurance. There is no replacement for the test farm,“ states Rolf Segger, SEGGER’s founder. “It makes it possible to verify things that can’t be tested in simulation, such as the performance and stability of hardware. They are also the only way to eliminate concerns about the correctness of the simulator itself. We use test farms internally in our J-Link and Flasher departments as well as for compiler performance and regression testing.”

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