Stack Overflow Safeguard Added to SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM Platform

26 June 2023

The latest release of SEGGER's Embedded Studio for ARM comes with stack overflow prevention (STOP) technology incorporated. With the STOP function enabled, the compiler adds a call to a stack limit-check routine wherever it is deemed necessary, before subsequently adjusting the stack pointer.

It can be easily switched on, without causing any changes to application code. Consequently, all stack overflows are prevented, and the system is able to enter a safe state in order to recover. Despite its beneficial properties, STOP only adds about 2-5% to code size and execution time, so it will have negligible detrimental impact on system performance.

β€œAn undetected stack overflow can be catastrophic,” notes SEGGER founder, Rolf Segger. β€œI recommend the use of STOP for all applications. However, for any safety critical application, I consider it essential.”

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