Pioneering Work by CEA-Leti & Intel on 2D Semiconductors Underway

20 June 2023

Working in collaboration, CEA-Leti and Intel have announced that they are carrying out research that could further extend the semiconductor industry’s adherence to Moore’s Law - taking it beyond this current decade.

The multi-year joint development project they are participating in relates to the layer transfer technology of two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides (2D TMDs) upon 300mm wafers. Use of 2D TMDs, which feature sub-1nm transistor channels, will allow further chip level scaling. They are suitable for high-performance and low-power platforms, due to their good carrier transport and mobility. Also their moderate energy bandgap provides enhanced electrostatic control.

“As we are relentlessly pushing Moore’s Law, 2D TMD material is a promising option for extending the limits of transistor scaling in the future,” notes Robert Chau, Director of Intel Europe Research. “This research program focuses on developing a viable 2D TMD-based technology in 300mm for future Moore’s Law transistor scaling.”

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